A Peruvian Dinner at Lima Floral

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Peruvian food has started drawing notice of late, and Lima, one of the first London venues now has a Michelin Star.  Lima Floral is from the same stable, serving similar food in less formal surroundings.  We have arranged for a private room, and the menu will be provisionally as follows:

SEA BREAM CEVICHE: Seabream cubes freshly marinated in traditional tiger’s milk with avocado, crispy corn and dehydrated onion
BEEF TARTARE CAUSA Bread-crumbed quick-fried potato blend topped with beef tartare
VEGETABLES CEVICHE Baby roots, sweet potatos and seaweed dressed with vegetarian tiger’s milk and physalis
HOT CEVICHE Grilled stone bass in heated ají amarillo tiger’s milk and achiote oil served with sweet potato purée
LAMB RUMP AMAZONIA Seared organic lamb rump coated in herbs and coffee dust served with 4,000m Peruvian potatoes, fresh herbs cheese and red kiwicha
VEGETABLES Stir-fried seasonal vegetables with ponzu and sesame seeds
SUSPIRO ARDIENTE Light soft meringue on lucuma and banana cream
CACAO DE PIURA Mousse of Peruvian chocolate from the Palo Blanco Community with blue potato crisp
MARACUYA PARFAIT Passion fruit organic yoghurt semifreddo

There will be an opportunity to sample several dishes for each course.  The food will be served with matching wines.