The key for regular users of the site is the main menu bar just below the IWFS Header.   All the main functions are available here, and this guide explains how to use each one.
Some of these things can also be done from the links on the visitor-friendly front page, but the header menu is always there if you get lost. It works slightly differently on small tablets and smartphones; please see below.
The site is designed to be welcoming to visitors, but members and prospective members who wish to book events or membership transactions will need to log in to their account.  Accounts have already been registered for most existing members of the Branch.

If you do not have an account, go to Register on the main menu.  Enter the username and password that you wish to use when you login, along with your email address.   Click Register and you will be logged in automatically with your new username and password.   Now you will be able to book events, and use the functions on the My Account menu.

Please do not use this form if you already have an account.  The system will not allow you to register more than one username and password to the same email address – it will tell you that your email address is invalid.

Once you have logged in, from the Events tab on the main menu you can view events in the Current Programme or in the New Programme.   The latter are only there from publication until a few days after the cutoff date.  Upcoming events are also shown in the sidebar to the right of the screen.   Any event can be viewed by clicking its name and booked by selecting the number of members’ and guest tickets required, and clicking the ‘submit’ button at the bottom of the screen.

From there you can choose to add another event  in  the same way (Membership and Renewal transactions work in exactly the same way as events), or to check out.  When you are ready to check out, review the personal information at the bottom of the screen (you will have to fill it in the first time, but after that it should be done for you automatically), and select PayPal or Off Line payment.

If you choose PayPal ( you do NOT have to set up a PayPal account if you prefer to pay by credit card, although they will want your name and address), the transaction will be treated as confirmed.   If you select off line payment, you will need to make a bank transfer or send a cheque, and the booking will be shown as pending until the Treasurer confirms that payment has been received.

The Terms and Conditions can be found via the link near the bottom of the screen, or in the Information panel on the right just below Login.

Once you have registered an account and logged in, this menu will enable you to change your password or email address, notify a house move or renew your membership.   My Bookings will show you all your current bookings (including membership transactions) and enable you to cancel them if you wish.  It also has the address and bank details for off line payments.
This menu will take you to a page of information about membership.   If you would like to join, click one of the ‘Join Now’ buttons on this page, select the type of membership required, and check out.   You can book events at the same time if you wish.   You need to have registered an account as a prospective member and to be logged in before you check out.
If were a member of London Branch at the time when this web site was set up, we will already have registered an account for you.   Your username will be your surname preceded by your first initial, all in lower case (e.g. ashepherd).   Your password will initially be london, but you can change it after you have logged in.

Please login as described above, and you will be able to book New or Current Programme events, and also view your bookings on line.  The My Account menu will give you access to the facilities previously available under Members Only.

The Booking System has a new look, but it should be fairly self-explanatory.  The main difference is that it allows you to select member and guest places, as on the paper form, rather than having the automatic discount facility that some members found confusing.  One consequence of this is that you can no longer book directly from the summary events list; you have to click the event name and then select the number of places that you require at the bottom of the event description.

The first time that you checkout you will be asked to fill in some contact information, but this will be supplied automatically on subsequent occasions.

The site will work as described above on most computers and larger tablets.  On narrower screens the main menu will be replaced with a central button just below the IWFS header, which you touch to reveal a vertically stacked version.   On smartphones, the columns are stacked, in order to make the content more readable and easier to operate on a small touch screen.

    1. Why do I get an error message when I try to register, saying that my username or email address is already in use? We already registered accounts for most existing users.  Please log in with your surname preceded by your first initial as username (all in lower case), and the temporary password london.
    2. Why do I get an error message saying that my email address is invalid?  I am sure that I typed it correctly.  It means that there is already a username and password registered to that email address.  If you did not not register an account yourself, then please refer to the previous question.
    3. Where have the Book buttons gone? There are no book buttons on the event summary lists because you have to go to the bottom of the events description to select the number of members and guests that you require.
    4. Where do I find the event description? Click the relevant event title in either the New or Current Programme listings or in the panel on the right hand side of the screen.
    5. Why do I get messages about a ‘booking’ when I have only renewed my membership? Membership transactions are processed by the same booking system as events.   This is very convenient once you get used to it, but the wording of some messages is something of a compromise.
    6. Can my partner have their own username (and password?) Yes they can, but it will be linked to a separate account, with a different email address, and you will not be able to see each others’ bookings.


About four weeks before the beginning of each quarter, we publish a programme of events, both by post and on line.  Members are sent an email when the new programme is issued, and then have about two weeks in which to make priority bookings.    You can make bookings online, via the New Programme tab in the Events menu, or by sending in the postal booking form that can be found in the printed version of the programme.  Postal bookings need to be accompanied by an open cheque; online bookings can be paid via PayPal/credit card, bank transfer or by sending a cheque to our Treasurer.

Members’ places are allocated in order of booking.    If an event is over-subscribed when you book, we will tell you straight away, and offer the option of wait-listing.   Bookings for guest places are treated as provisional until the published cutoff date.  You will receive an email shortly after the cutoff date if it has not been possible to accommodate your guests.   .  If your bookings are sometimes dependent upon bringing a partner, you are strongly advised to make the modest investment in a joint membership.

After the cutoff date, those events that still have space will become part of the Current Programme, and can be booked on line for both members and guests with immediate confirmation.  Just log in, and select the Current Programme Tab on the Events menu.     If an event is full, you can ask to join the waiting list.