In an always-on world full of constant digital interactions, the opportunity to share a meal, a treasured glass of wine, and an educational moment with a group of friends is a rare treat.
As members of the International Wine and Food Society, we think that these opportunities should not be so rare.   Our more than 6000 members are able to get together regularly to learn and share a connection through wine, food, pleasant conversation and meaningful friendships that develop locally but expand globally.   Why not join us?

The International Wine and Food Society is one of the world’s oldest and most renowned gastronomic societies catering for those who are not necessarily involved in the trade.  It was founKrug-06ded in 1933 by André L. Simon CBE, Legion d’Honneur, who was a dedicated and knowledgeable gourmet and a superb connoisseur of fine wines. Its key purpose is the promotion of a greater understanding and pleasure in good food, good wine and good company.
There are more than 6,000 members, from all walks of life, in over 135 branches and 40 countries throughout the world. The society is IMG_5741_Dorganised in three Regions; The European and African Region, The Asian Pacific Region and The Americas Region.
The IWFS is described by The Oxford Companion to Wine as “The oldest and most cosmopolitan of the gastronomic societies for consumers rather than professionals … Now much imitated.”

This is the Website of the London Branch.  Information on other branches worldwide can be found on the global  IWFS website
On this site you can find out details of the aims of the society and the events that we run.  And if you are interested in becoming a member, you can join right here.   Our Branch is a friendly group of individuals from a wide range of backgrounds, who enjoy good food and wine and want to find out more.

The International Wine & Food Society exists to increase the knowledge and appreciation of the arts of the table. All its activities are designed to raise the standards of selection, preparation and service of good food and good wine. It provides opportunities for men and women who have in common an interest in gastronomy to meet, share, learn more about, and discuss these civilised pleasures.
The society was founded in 1933 and spans the world. It has much prestige and influence, which it strives to constantly increase for the benefit, not only of its members but of everyone. It believes, not merely that the world should be nourished, but that food and wine are more beneficial to health and contentment if they are enjoyable.
In the words of the founder Andre L. Simon, the object of the society is to bring together and serve all who believe that a right understanding of good food and wine is an essential part of personal contentment and health, and that an intelligent approach to the pleasures and problems of the table offers far greater rewards than the mere satisfaction of appetite.
Membership is a commitment to that aim, and members are given the opportunities to participate in many activities designed to raise standards of preparation and appreciation of food and wine.
As the world’s oldest, and largest, wine and food society open to non-professionals, we have a wealth of experience, knowledge and contacts we can draw from, to arrange both traditional and innovative events which will captivate and inspire you.   Learning and educating, supporting and rewarding quality and excellence are core values of our Society and are provided for and by our members in a number of ways.
But the IWFS offers much more than a dining and tasting experience. It also gives you the chance to meet and make friends with other like-minded people both locally and further afield, sharing experiences along the way – and there is always a warm welcome from a local branch when travelling somewhere new!
The Society has its Secretariat in London and hundreds of branches throughout the world.  For more details on these please visit the Society’s International web site.