Fine and Rare Sweet Loire Wines

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Thanks, yet again to the generosity of Graham Lyons we are able to put on such a memorable tasting.

Occasionally, Botrytis Cinera (Noble Rot) arrives in the Loire Valley affecting the Chenin Blanc grape. When it does, it produces sensational, long-lived luscious wines with well-balanced acidity.

Tonight, we will be tasting the following wines.

1959 Moulin Touchais
1955 Moulin Touchais
1953 Bonnezeaux. Domaine J. Boivre Thourace
1949 Coteaux du Layon. Domaine de Maligne
1947 Bonnezeaux. Domaine des Gauliers
1947 Vouvray. Domaine Foreau
1947 Vouvray. Domaine Marc Bredif
1928 Anjou. Maison Prunier Cellars ,Paris.

The tasting will be accompanied by cold meats and cheese.