Sous Vide Masterclass

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A couple of summers ago I was astonished to find, in a French supermarket, top quality Charolais steak advertised as suitable for sous vide.  Sous vide cooking, the technique of using precision temperature control and vacuum packaging to cook a wide variety of foods has been in use in professional kitchens for many years.  Is it the latest must-have kit in a domestic kitchen?

I have used it myself, and have found it can be a great technique for getting perfect results, particularly with less expensive cuts of meat.  But I would not recommend it for everything, by any means.

Join us at the Toolshed for a 2-hour Sous Vide Masterclass led by a professional chef with a particular interest in this technique. Find out more about what can be cooked this way and why you might decide to do so.  Compare foods cooked sous vide with their conventionally prepared counterparts.  And sample the results.

The Masterclass has been structured to provide lunch for all participants and will include accompanying wines.  The class is limited to 10 people so please get your booking in early.