Portuguese Wines

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In the mere 20 years since it joined the EU, Portugal has been transformed into one of the most exciting and innovative wine regions in the world. Europe’s fourth largest producer, it boasts incredible diversity, from the spritzy whites of Vinho Verde to the full-bodied reds and, of course, the powerful, fortified Port wines of the Douro. Excellent sweet Moscatels can also be found in the south.Pockets of vines cover most of Portugal – a total of 400,000 hectares – and it is Europe’s fourth largest producer (together with Germany), behind Italy, France and Spain. The country splits naturally into two halves: the north is hillier and wetter (except for farther inland), with granite, slate and schist soil. It is relatively densely-populated, with most vineyards owned by smallholders cultivating a hotchpotch of indigenous varieties.

In this tasting I will aim to show wines that are available from shops in your vicinity, not just wholesalers available to a few. They will include:

Lobo e Falcão Branco, 2017
Planalto Reseva, Douro, 2018
Castelo do Vinteiro, Douro, 2016
Ramos Reserva, Vinho Regio, 2017
Rocksand Shiraz, Vinho Regional Peninsula de Setubal, 2016
Adega de Redondo Real Lavrador Alenrejano, 2018
Old Vines in Young Hands Tinto, 2016
Carlos Lucas Ribeiro Santo Dao, 2017 

A selection of food will be available with a Portuguese flavour.