Dear London Branch members

This is my first formal letter to you as Chairman, and I thank you for your confidence. I am pleased to say that, in spite of everything, we have a great programme of events on offer.

These are not easy times. We are having to contend with major price increases at all of our venues, not to mention the continuing threat of train strikes at only two or three weeks notice. In spite of the former we have some very reasonably priced events on offer, so do please take advantage of them, as substantial increases are on the way. I suspect that some of you have been holding off on booking because of concerns about possible train strikes. Unfortunately this makes planning very difficult for us. Could I just say that we are watching the situation closely, and are always prepared to give refunds if an event goes ahead on a day that you are unable to travel.

Could I particularly bring your attention to our lunch at the Savile Club on 8th February. We also have a tasting dinner at Champagne Route on 21st February, and Paul the proprietor is looking forward to giving us a very special experience. Please do consider supportingthese events. In addition we have some excellent wine tastings coming up.

Click here for a downloadable summary of our current programme. As always you can book on line at, or email if you have problems.

The direct debit payments for 2023 have now been taken, and our thanks to those of you who renewed your subscriptions in this way. If you have not yet renewed, you can still do so on line via the My Account tab on the web site, or you can download and return this form.

I look forward to seeing you at IWFS events soon.

With kind regards
Alan Shepherd
Chairman IWFS London Branch