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For over fifteen years, Londoners have been frequenting L’ulivo, a classic restaurant that focuses on serving only the freshest and most authentic Italian cuisine.  The original restaurant, situated just a few seconds walk from Leicester Square, L’ulivo emerged from one man’s simple plan to serve fantastic food with great service, whilst maintaining the traditions that will make anyone feel right at home.  Soon, both tourists and Londoners were flocking to eat at the well-known L’ulivo and the growing demand saw a new branch open up in Villiers Street at the turn of the millennium.  This has recently undergone a major refurbishment, and will be the venue for our forthcoming event.

Our menu will be as follows:

Raviole butter and sage – Fresh parcels filled with crab meat and crayfish

Pollo can Marco – Oven backed chicken topped with mozzarella and Parma ham served with roasted potato

Tiramisu with fresh raspberries

It will be accompanied by L’Ulivio’s house wines.  Please notify any dietary requirements when booking.