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Sun 31st Dec, 2023    


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This form enables you to join IWFS and London Branch.   It can also be used by members of other IWFS branches who wish to join London Branch as well.   It works like a special event, taking place on the day when your membership will expire, so that you can pay for it alongside event bookings when you check out.  If you join now, your membership will run until 31st December 2023.

You need to have registered an account on this site, and to be logged in before submitting this form.

Select only ONE option below in the ‘spaces’ column, plus the overseas supplement where applicable.  Then fill in your address, click the submit button and you will be taken to checkout.  Date of birth is required only if under 36.

Please select Member of another IWFS Branch ONLY if you are paying your IWFS subscription through another branch.  The other options include the London Branch supplement.

Please read the terms and conditions of membership.   You will be asked for some further information, and to accept the terms and conditions, when you check out.   It is a condition of membership that members agree to their personal data, together with subscription, booking and attendance records, being automatically processed and stored on the Society’s secure websites, for the established aims of the Society.  They agree to receive postal and email communications from the Society.


Bookings are closed for this event. Please contact the organiser for last-minute places.