Greek Evening at Kalamaras – CANCELLED
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An evening at a well-known Greek restaurant.

Date(s) - Wed 1st Feb, 2017
7:30 pm


Founded in 1966, Kalamaras is London’s longest established Greek restaurant. Barely 1 minute’s walk from Bayswater tube station, this hidden gem is tucked away down a side mews you wouldn’t know existed unless you’d been there. It was made famous by The Beatles, Peter Sellers, Telly Savalas, Faye Dunaway, Dusty Springfield and Mick Jagger to name but a few.

Every Wednesday there is live Greek music with Tony and Yiola on vocals and bouzouki. Your organiser has been there several times as this is her favourite taverna and can assure you that the music and food are typically Greek but the ambiance is upmarket London. The taverna prides itself on healthy Greek and Mediterranean food. There is a choice of menu – either meat or fish as follows:

Mixed Meat Mezze

Cold starters served with warm pitta bread:

Houmoús – chick pea purée with garlic.
Vegetarian Dolmadákia  – vine leaves stuffed with rice and herbs.
Melitzanosaláta -baked aubergine with garlic, lemon and olive oil.
Greek Salad with Olives and Feta cheese

Hot Starters

Loukánika – Grilled spicy Greek pork country sausage.
Spanakotyrópites – Triangles of filo pastry filled with spinach & feta cheese.
Keftédes – beef meatballs served with mint and shallot.

Main Course

Brizóles Arnisses with Souvláki
A platter of marinated lamb, chicken and pork pieces on skewers with lamb cutlets, all grilled over charcoal and served with Greek roast potatoes and rice. 

Fish Mezze

Cold Starters served with warm pitta bread:

Tzatziki – yoghurt dip with cucumber, dill, garlic & olive oil.
Taramasoláta – smoked cod roe dip with with lemon & olive oil.
Melitzanosaláta – baked aubergine with garlic, lemon & olive oil.
Houmoús – chick pea purée with garlic.

Hot Starters

Kalamarákia Tiganitá – baby squid deep fried and served with lemon.
Octapódi Sti Scáram – grilled octopus served with olive oil & herbs.
Sardines – charcoal grilled.

Main Course

Lavráki / Sea Bass or Tsipoúra / Sea Bream – charcoal grilled
& served with a lemon oil dressing with Greek potatoes and rice and lemon oil dressing.

Desserts – the same for both menus – a selection of Greek sweets and pastries, followed by tea, coffee or Greek coffee.

The meal will be accompanied by Greek red and white wine but Retsina will be available if requested.

If you have any special dietary requests, please let the organiser know by email when you book and whether you want the Meat or Fish Mezze and which fish main course you choose.
Venue: Kalamaras, 66 Inverness Mews, London W2 3QJ
Mobility:  4 steps or easy ramp outside into restaurant & 3 steps down; inside all is on the flat
Nearest tube:  Bayswater, less than one minute away.   Come out of Bayswater tube, cross at the crossing directly ahead, left into Inverness Place a few yards down and the mews and restaurant are on your left.
Time:                 7.30pm
Dress Code:     Smart Casual
Price p/person   £55  Members  £59  Guests / Non-members
Organiser:        Carole Goldberg; Tel: 0208 421 5957


This event is over-subscribed. Please email if you wish to join the waiting list.