To set up a new direct debit, please click the appropriate option below.  These prices represent a £10 discount on a full membership.  If you already have a direct debit please do not set up another one!

 Single Young Membership (under 36) – £24.00

 Joint Young Membership (both under 36) – £34

Single Membership – £59

Joint Membership – £78

Paid up member of another IWFS Branch – £10

Partner of a Life Member – £15

You will be taken to the GoCardless site to supply your bank details and consent.

Your subscription will be taken on 15th January each year, and you will be notified about 10 days in advance.  You can cancel your Direct Debit at any time.
Once you have set up the direct debit you will no longer have to send in the renewals form, unless you wish to use it to notify a change of contact details.