China Journey with A Wong

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Following the spectacular dim sum lunch we had with Andrew Wong when it was overwhelmingly agreed that he should receive the Society’s ‘Certificate of Excellence’, we are returning this time for dinner, to present him with this award and to partake in a specially prepared and selected menu of regional dishes, through which we will be guided course by course: 

Zhou dynasty beef salad, egg waffle, wasabi

Dim sum duo

63 degree ‘tea egg’ with shredded filo, satay and 13 spice powder

Shanghai steamed dumplings, ginger infused vinegar

Shaanxi pulled lamb ‘burger’ with xinjiang pomegranate salad

Yunnan seared beef with mint, chilli and lemongrass served with pulled noodle cracker and truffle

Sichuanese aubergine with gong bao chicken, roasted peanuts and ‘hot pot’ essence, jasmine rice

Poached meringue, lychee granite, mango puree and orange sorbet 

We will be greeted with sparkling wine and continue with white and red wine throughout the entire meal.