Carole’s Farewell

In Event Reports by ashepherdiwfs

Farewell but Not Goodbye!
Dear London Branch Friends

After 11 years of managing your Programme of Events, I have decided that the time has come for me to retire. I know it doesn’t seem like it but it was in November 2002 that the new Committee offered me the role jointly with another new Committee member.

My first ever programme April – June 2003, was a mad scramble in barely 3 weeks after my co-manager decided it wasn’t for him and left and I had no experience whatsoever of producing one! Jeffrey Benson came to my aid by offering two superb events – 1961 Red Burgundies and an amazing Fine and Rare Wines both at a mere £42, others long departed produced 5 events and I filled in with 4. It took a while to get things right through trial and error but when it all came together and events were either nearly or fully booked it was really satisfying to hear you say “This was one of the best ever programmes”. It made all the ‘blood, sweat and tears’ worthwhile!

Over the years we have had some fantastic events provided by Jeffrey – without whom I could never have managed, particularly in the very early days – and my stalwart band of event organisers whom I could always rely on. I would especially like to thank Roger Ellis, Keith Ellis, Bernard Lamb, Beverley St John Aubin and Chris Davenport-Jones for their support over the past years as well as others who have organised events for your programmes. I have really enjoyed putting them together and hope that I’ve got things right more often than not. In general though, and from your comments, I think I have.

Although I shall no longer be producing your programme, I shall still be organising events and have a few specials in mind, some being fine wine events with a twist – like ‘Garage or Garbage’ in this, my last programme, and others that are the less expensive social events some of you prefer such as ‘Under a Fiver’.

Andrew Brodie will be taking over from me so please send your ideas to him at and NOT to me. David and I now look forward to a life not dominated by copy and print dates!!!


Carole’s contributuion to the Branch has been recognised by the award of the André Simon Bronze medal.